Hisingen I

by Hisingen

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released December 23, 2016

All songs written and performed by Hisingen:

Christian Hanson - Vocals, Guitars, Keys, Programming
Aidan Woodward - Bass
Nate Dahlquist - Drums, Additional Vocals
Chad Anderson - Guitars, Additional Vocals


Randy Baron - Additional Lead Guitar on "Hisinjam"
Graeson Thorpe - Outro Guitar solo on "Hisinjam"
Josh Hanson - Slide guitar on "Hisinjam"
Brian Medeiros - Additional percussion on "Mirror Within a Dream"

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Christian Hanson
Logo design by Steve Pierce (@VeneqArt)
Album cover by Austin Bentley


all rights reserved



Hisingen Salt Lake City, Utah

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Track Name: Murder
Your incompetent disposition
Brings your mind to its knees
You hide within yourself
Fear of being free
You’ve been doped with lies and slander
Closing the doors on your untapped minds
Murder right outside your window
As you quietly close the blinds

You take our money, our rights, our lives,
You’d better be ready to fight
You'll be tried for all your lies
We'll take you down, burn it to the ground
Our nights are endless now
Now we wait now where your body dies
We’ve all been your slaves, waiting for our graves
And we’ve seen you behave
It’s time for Murder

All they know is what would hurt them
Angles of attack
That’s why this is our solution
Reflecting forces back
Our fuel is their poison
Our offense by their design
Bullets welcome in our shadow
Buried in the firing line
Track Name: Rick O' Chêt
Hear the ping of the ricochet
Listen to it’s long decay
Savor sounds of judgement day
Evacuate the hideaway
Sirens sound over distant drumming
This has been a long time coming
We are the unbecoming
This is our homecoming

There’s an empty place on my mantle
Where I plan to mount the man's skull
He’s brought the perfect situation
It demands just decapitation

We live for anarchy
Our mouths are watering
Fruition, fantasy
Is now reality
We crave for corruption
To justify destruction
Rationalize construction
Leading to self induction

There’s an empty place on my mantle
Where I plan to mount the man's skull
He’s brought the perfect situation
It demands just decapitation
Heavenly ping of ricochet
Hits hard and never fades away
Our signal of judgement day
Rings hard with infinite decay
Track Name: Golden Dirigible
Flying high in the sky
Ready to watch you die
You cannot defy
The range of the pirate’s eye
Heavy radio phase
Interrupts your daze
Your mind is a slave
To their corporate game

We keep it hidden
Where we won't be denied
It shall be written
That we ruled the sky

(Golden Dirigible)
Revolution is nigh
(Golden Dirigible)
This is our right
(Golden Dirigible)
We can’t be denied
(Golden Dirigible)
This is our time
Storm brews to the east
Of their greedy feast
In justice we seek
The freedom of the meek
You cannot fight
We are out of sight
You wont ground our flight
On this endless night

Smoke Crack
Die (x6)
Down with capitalism

Golden Dirigible (x4)
Track Name: Kill the Messenger
With rebellion at the gate
You can't seem to hesitate
To crucify everything that once made this world seem sane
You build a palisade of lies
On top of which your conscience dies
Another victim of your empires complacent crimes

You can call it rebellion
But that's not what it is
This is not a revolution
More of a paradigm shift

We don’t claim to be the moral defender
Empire is our entire agenda
There is no to extravagant expenditure
And i’m not above killing the messenger
But in a story like this
I’m still the protagonist
And that’s all it takes to win

Recruitment is quite easy
So many with a cause
Lacking any sense of direction
They make the perfect pawns

We’re not meant to be the moral defender
Empire is our only agenda
There is no extravagant expenditures
And we’re not above killing the messenger
But in a fucked up story like this
We’re still the protagonist
And that’s all it takes to win
Track Name: Haggard
Sleep escapes me now
Wits are slowing down
Something in the air
My thoughts are growing bare
I'm given their word
My reasoning is blurred
But this must be done
Cause all I see....

Thick clouds in between
A sun they've never seen
Haggard eyes turn red
Will there ever be an end?
Days and nights are one
Time has come undone
Darkness all I see
Towers under me

Drop down from the sky
Ammunitions fly
Though my hopes are dashed
We are not abashed
Rain down death deserved
On hopelessly unnerved
They have made their mistakes
But we will end this
Track Name: Mirror Within a Dream
From the depths
We shall rise
In your death
Hear our cries
Blood of corruption
Run a dry
The new revolution
Takes to the sky

Your mind is lost in lust and hate
You're watching blood coagulate
Your only goal is for us to die
We escape your reign up in the sky
You wish to control all that lives
With an iron fist that cannot give
Our rights denied, this shit wont fly
We'll shape your world from in the sky

Rising from the depths like a mirror within a dream
Conceived to circumvent a future yet unseen
This worlds not of our choosing, but of our destiny
The new revolution takes to the skies to be free

Tired of your dark oppression
We have started the succession
Given no option to escape
Our worlds become a police state
Panic reigns throughout your mind
The eminence front flanks behind
Electric hell fire above your lies
Skjebne venter fra himmelen
Track Name: Blood Bath
Bathing in my own blood
Negotiations have begun
As teeth fall out I grin
They tell me how I’m lost in sin
Probe and pry for my information
While thinly veiling their frustrations
Between breaths I discourage
A warning of barrage

Though I have brought this on myself
This is my very own hell
I feel the fury of the man’s wrath
Drowning in my own blood bath

Now all I can see is red
Negotiations have ended
Spitting blood in their faces
As pirates are flooding the bases
Converting the men into puddles
Bullets blend up entrails
I’m dragged back from my vacation
Screaming of retaliation

Maybe we’ve brought this on ourselves
And we deserve this hell
To feel the fury and the wrath
Of this wretched blood bath

Though we have brought this on ourselves
And we’ve created this hell
To feel the fury and the wrath
Drown together in blood bath

They have brought this on themselves
I will show them hell
They’ll feel the fury of my wrath
It will be a glorious blood bath
Track Name: The Obsidian Wasteland
A door in the sand,
the demons at hand,
you search for the key,
in the rose you will see,
death is the fate,
but not yours Jake,
the body devoured,
in pursuit of the tower

In the cradle of Lud,
Where the war drums play,
A force lies, manically insane,
Their only goal is to watch you die,
writhing to the sounds of the Velcro Fly

I am not your Revelator,
I am not your god,
I am the gunslinger,
Crushing your facade!

The obsidian wastes, where your journey waits,
The time shall come to claim your fate,
The nightmares arise right before your eyes,
and the can-toi cries as the preacher dies

Clock strikes the hour, in the shadow of the tower
your claim to fame is forfeit for its power
the beams will fall at the crimson kings call
his only wish, Death to all.

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